A Fresh Start: Reawaken the Mind Through Writing and Meditation

A Workshop in Nepal

Himalayan Writing Workshops - Kathmandu, Nepal
March 6 to 16, 2022

Unfamiliar places invite inspiration. Travel stirs the senses, awakens the mind, fuels creativity. But travel to Nepal invites something even deeper: transformation.

This spring, discover the joy of a fresh start as author/editor Lavinia Spalding and poet/meditation instructor James Hopkins lead you on an extraordinary journey through the ancient kingdom of the Kathmandu Valley. During this generative ten-day workshop, we’ll meditate together each morning and write together every day. We’ll visit serene temples, labyrinthine bazaars, and mysterious alleyways. We’ll meet with local artisans and spiritual leaders, and witness sacred Buddhist and Hindu rituals. We’ll immerse ourselves in a fascinating culture that has captivated the hearts of mystics and artists for millennia.

As we explore Kathmandu with wide-eyed wonder and a heightened sense of attention, we’ll tap into our insight and creativity, learning to capture impressions and articulate experiences more freely. We’ll ignite our curiosity and hone our skills. Meanwhile, we’ll cultivate stillness and awareness, quieting our minds so we can approach the page with renewed presence, clarity, and energy.

After ten days of guided meditation practice paired with writing prompts, journaling exercises, and group sharing and discussion, participants will emerge with not only a collection of new material-- journal entries, ideas, poems, drafts, and short essays inspired by magical Nepal—but also with a newfound capacity for creative expression, and the instructions and inspiration to rejuvenate—or develop—your own writing and meditation practice.