In Conversation with Apricot Irving

The Gospel of Trees

Garden District Bookshop - New Orleans , Louisiana
October 16 to 16, 2018

I'm delighted to announce that on October 16th I'll be in conversation with the wonderful Apricot Irving discussing travel, living abroad, and Apricot's new memoir, The Gospel of Trees.

Apricot Irving grew up as a missionary’s daughter in Haiti—a country easy to sensationalize but difficult to understand. Her father was an agronomist, a man who hiked alone into the hills with a macouti of seeds to preach the gospel of trees in a deforested but resilient country. Her mother and sisters, meanwhile, spent most of their days in the confines of the hospital compound they called home. As a child, this felt like paradise to Irving; as a teenager, the same setting felt like a prison. Outside of the walls of the missionary enclave, Haiti was a tumult of bugle-call bus horns and bicycles that jangled over hard-packed dirt, the clamor of chickens and cicadas, the sudden, insistent clatter of rain as it hammered across tin roofs and the swell of voices running ahead of the storm.

As she emerges into womanhood, an already confusing process made all the more complicated by Christianity’s demands, Irving struggles to understand her father’s choices. His unswerving commitment to his mission and the anger and despair that followed failed enterprises threatened to splinter his family.

Garden District Bookshop , 2727 Prytania Street, New Orleans , Louisiana

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