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Get Beyond the Beads: The 101 on Mardi Gras Throws

The 101 on Mardi Gras Throws in New Orleans

Lavinia Spalding

In the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans, April Blevins Pejic sits at her dining room table staring down a high-heeled white pleather ankle boot and 40 jars of glitter. Pejic is mulling over how best to embellish the boot, which she’ll ultimately place into the outstretched hands of an ecstatic and probably screaming stranger. She takes the task seriously, wiping glue off the boot three times before choosing a color scheme (shades of gold) and pattern (wide stripes). When she finally gets down to business, the result is a dazzling disco boot. This is not her first Mardi Gras rodeo.


(photo credit: April Blevins Pejic)