Reading at Books Inc Marina

- San Francisco, CA
May 25, 2011

Tonight I'm doing my first bookstore event for my new anthology, The Best Women's Travel Writing 2011, as part of the wonderful San Francisco Travel Book Club and Lecture Series. I'm thrilled to be joined by three of my contributors--amazing and outrageously talented women. We'll read from our book and then do a panel talk with Q&A.

Presenting the women reading with me tonight...

Marcia DeSanctis spent years traveling the world as a network news producer and is now writing a memoir. Her work has been in Vogue, Departures, The New York Times Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, More, Princeton Alumni Weekly, and the Huffington Post. She loves to travel alone and her idea of heaven is arriving at a new place, opening the hotel room door, checking out what candy is in the mini-bar, and then heading outside to explore her new, temporary neighborhood. She tries to pinpoint a place to have her coffee every morning and always ducks into a pharmacy. She loves to bring home toothpaste or a jar of vitamins as souvenirs.

Laura Deutsch has traveled the world in search of answers to life’s big questions: Why did that guru give me a mantra that’s the name of a high-end furniture store? If I eat foie gras without knowing it, have I really eaten foie gras? Along the way, Laura invented Conversational Yoga, mastered the Equine Experience to attain enlightenment by grooming a horse, and visited spas where she frequently found herself in hot water. Her misadventures have entertained readers of the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, More, and San Francisco magazine. Laura is writing an irreverent memoir about her spiritual journey around the world and leads writing retreats from Tassajara to Tuscany.

Marianne Rogoff has had stories published in The Best Travel Writing 2010, The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2008, and The Best Travel Writing 2006, among others. She teaches Writing & Literature at California College of the Arts and leads weeklong writers studios in Mexico every January and August.

Books Inc, 2251 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA

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