Aug 10, 2019

Nepal Workshop in October, 2019: Sacred Expression

When we dare to adventure into an unfamiliar world, we can’t help but be affected in ways both profound and personal. Our senses are stirred, our minds awakened, our creativity fueled. Travel always invites inspiration. But travel to Nepal invites something deeper: transformation.

This October 12-22, join author/editor Lavinia Spalding and photographer Ted Seymouron an extraordinary journey through the ancient kingdom of the Kathmandu Valley. During this supportive and generative ten-day workshop, we’ll gather stories and images as we explore chaotic bazaars, mysterious alleyways, and serene temples. We’ll meet with local artisans and spiritual leaders, and witness sacred Buddhist and Hindu rituals. Along the way, we’ll immerse ourselves in a fascinating culture that has captivated the hearts of mystics and artists for millennia.

This workshop combines three practices: writing, photography, and meditation. With wide-eyed wonder and a heightened sense of attention, we’ll learn to articulate our impressions and experiences while cultivating stillness and awareness. In the end, we’ll emerge not only with powerful stories told through written word and images, but also with more clarity, presence, and a newfound capacity for creative expression.

You can find more information here.


Poetry is the overflowing of the soul.” –Henry Theodore Tuckerman