Coming Full Circle

We’d been in the air about five minutes when our pilot, Cameron, pointed out the rainbow. It could be viewed, he said, from the right side of the helicopter — my side. I turned my head, knowing just what to expect. Since arriving on Maui a week before, I’d been witness to more rainbows than I’d seen in years. In fact, for the past four days I’d seen one every day. “Another rainbow!” I’d holler at my husband Dan, pointing out the car window as a colorful arc materialized over a sugar cane field. Each was brilliant and perfect — no mere fragment reaching in vain toward the sky, but complete half-circles, both ends hooked firmly to the earth. I was growing accustomed to a certain standard of daily rainbows. But this one was different.

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Through travel I first became aware of the outside world.” –Eudora Welty